Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have another blog. It's a typical "pictures of my cats and what I had for breakfast" blog with the occasional post of some sort of substance. This blog is an attempt to get away from that format and write only about things that matter to me. I've made no attempt to hide myself from that other blog; if people from there find me, then that's fine. I don't care so much about having an audience as I do about writing for writing's sake. Something I've managed to get away from in recent years. Something I miss very much. Something I hope I can get back into. I might try experimental things, here, such as using literary forms or techniques that I find intriguing, but which don't lend themselves well to "pictures of my cats and what I had for breakfast."

So, having said that, I will now stop writing about purpose and think of something to write. And I'll refrain from posting pictures of my cats or telling you what I'm about to have for breakfast.

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